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LashTech Social Media & Branding Pack

LashTech Social Media & Branding Pack

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Unlock the full potential of your lash artistry and captivate a wider audience with our exclusive LashTech Social Media & Branding Pack, the ultimate social media toolkit for lash technicians!

What’s included?

  • Social Media Planner
  • 70 Instagram post templates
  • 35 Instagram highlight covers 
  • Presentation Brochure
  • Lash Aftercare template
  • Price list template
  • Business card
  • Loyalty card

The Social Media Planner is a valualble tool that empowers professionals to optimize content scheduling and stay ahead in the competitive digital landscape. Elevate your social media strategy to a new level of sophistication and effectiveness, while saving valuable time and resources. Improve your online presence with 70 eye-catching Instagram posts, showcasing your stunning lash transformations. Keep your profile organized and professional with 35 beautifully designed highlight covers. Impress potential clients with a sleek business card and presentation brochure complete with a QR code generator linking to your website or social media accounts. Boost customer retention and loyalty with a customizable loyalty card, offering special rewards and incentives. Educate your clients with comprehensive lash aftercare tips, ensuring they enjoy longer-lasting results and healthier lashes.

This comprehensive pack grants you access to a social media planner and a diverse range of professionally crafted templates, tailored to enhance your social media presence. Designed with convenience in mind, these templates are fully editable on Canva, empowering you with the freedom to customize elements such as colors, text, and images to align with your unique preferences and specific requirements.

Experience the power of this comprehensive all-in-one pack that sets you apart from the competition, draws in more clients, and propels your journey as a lash technician to unprecedented levels of success!

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