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ULTIMATE Lash Client Record Book

ULTIMATE Lash Client Record Book

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Introducing the ultimate digital tool designed exclusively for eyelash artists to efficiently manage their clientele. With the ULTIMATE Lash Client Record Book, you have all the essential features at your fingertips, capable of handling up to 520 client records, 63 appointment follow-ups per client, and showcasing 64 lash set stickers.

What’s included?

  • Client intake forms
  • Lash information forms
  • Client consent forms
  • Appointment trackers
  • Lash maps guide
  • 64 lash set stickers
  • Pictures before/after
  • Notes pages

The intake form includes sections to capture essential client information, such as their name, contact details, and any relevant medical history or allergies. The lash information form track into preferences, desired lash style, length, curl, and volume. The lash map guide assists artists in mapping out the desired lash design. The consent form ensures a seamless and professional agreement between the artist and the client, promoting a secure and transparent working relationship. Keeping track of appointments has never been easier, ensuring timely and organized lash sessions.

The innovative simulation feature enables artists to apply various eyelash styles virtually onto a client's photo, allowing them to visualize the potential outcome before the actual application. This groundbreaking tool saves time, fosters effective communication, and ensures client satisfaction.

With The ULTIMATE Lash Client Record Book, you can master the art of creating stunning lash extensions that enhance your clients' natural beauty.


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